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Sephora: Increasing RoAS and New Customers

This case study was originally published by Facebook. It highlights the strategy and success story of Sephora made possible with the help of Code3. The major beauty retailer leaned into the power of Facebook dynamic ads to acquire new customers and drive sales on its website and app.

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To accomplish this, Code3 used insight gained through the use of the Facebook pixel on Sephora's website and mobile app. This allowed our teams to serve product ads to new and existing customers in a carousel format. For existing customers, products were populated dynamically based on their activity and linked to Sephora's website or app if they had it downloaded. This level of understanding enabled our team to provide a seamless shopping experience.

To reach new customers, Code3 implemented dynamic ads for broad audiences and targeted women ages 18 and older. We also retargeted shoppers that viewed products or added them to their carts with dynamic ads. These ads were delivered across Facebook News Feed and Instagram Feed using placement optimization.


Personalized dynamic ads and campaign budget optimization were the foundation for an increase in both registrations and return on ad spend during Sephora’s dynamic ad campaign, which ran from May 1–30, 2019.

Here's a list of the Facebook products used by Code3 on behalf of Sephora:

Dynamic Ads


Custom Audiences


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