Rich Experience

We’re a multi-tool team with experience across display, rich media, video/CTV, and supply-side management


We offer 100% transparency around media costs and fees so the value driven by media buys is clear

Partner & Tech Agnostic

We’re tech agnostic and maintain partnerships with premium publishers to reach the highest value audiences for our clients


Customized Media Planning

With a multitude of options, our team custom designs a program that is an unbiased reflection of how to reach your highest value audience. We’re laser focused on maximizing reach without sacrificing audience targeting, while also gaining critical real time data and audience behavior insights.


We Measure with Healthy Skepticism

Each media plan has a distinct measurement element to zero in on the KPIs that matter. Given the nuances of what you can measure on each platform or campaign type, we scrutinize and create measurement tests to help our clients understand the impact of their upper funnel efforts on both their short and long term goals.

Our Process

From strategy to execution to iteration - we're an extension to your team and we've got your back through the entire programmatic journey.


Uncovering What Matters

We know your team has thoughts on their existing strategy, what’s working and what’s not, and how they want to move forward. And we want to be an extension of your team and help brainstorm in a way that aligns. Our discovery phase is a time for our team to immerse ourselves in your brand, learn your campaign and overall goals, audience information, how we will tackle creative and much more.


Creating a Custom Plan

Once we’re immersed in your brand, we look across our vast network of partners and determine the best fit. Since we’re partner agnostic, we’re able to create a custom plan that allows us to test and select based on the best place for your brand and specific audience.


Meeting Deadlines

When Code3 and client teams are aligned on strategy, we jump into execution, providing clients a workback schedule to ensure we are on track to hit every deadline without scrambling.


Finding the Right Combinations

A learning agenda is a standard part of every client’s strategy. We can test a wide variety of aspects of the campaign to ensure we’re executing the right strategic combo for each client and their goals.


Daily Check-Ins

We check our campaigns daily and make optimizations frequently. We also revisit learning agendas to ensure we’re capturing the right information and applying it to overall goals.

Let's Chat

Your Programmatic Strategy should be custom to your brand. Talk with a Coder today about your future strategy.