Amazon Partnership

We have a deep, longtime relationship with Amazon that helps us stay ahead of the curve

Customized Strategy

We’re focused on finding the right products and channels to drive results for your unique brand

Reach Wider Audiences

We bring non-endemic advertisers into the Amazon ecosystem


Leveraging our Amazon Partnership for Clients

We work with a wide variety of team members at Amazon, and our deep relationship keeps us ahead of the curve with new products and how they are developed. When clients pair with Code3 to run their DSP, their team expands: we’re not just collaborative with our clients, we collaborate with Amazon AEs as well to ensure we’re finding the right strategy for your unique brand needs and goals.

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Honest Strategies and Measurement

We’re laser focused on finding the best way to work with our clients and identify the ideal, unique strategy to meet their goals. Not all products and measurement tactics are built the same, and don’t all make sense for every client. We focus on identifying outside of the box strategies to deliver on metrics that matter.

Our Process


Gaining a Holistic View of Advertising

DSP is a tactic that is everywhere search and social may not be present, so it’s critical for Code3 DSP Strategists to have a clear understanding and holistic view of the entire advertising approach. During the discovery phase, our team works to understand many inputs and outputs, including the brand itself and the competitive landscape, brand goals and ideal measurement, market pressure including changing trends and competition, a brand’s brick and mortar presence and even strategies as nuanced as product packaging.


Identifying the Right DSP Partners

Once our team understands all of the outputs and knows the short- and long-term goals for our client, we begin to set the strategy, identifying the right vehicles for meeting and exceeding expectations.


Bringing Strategy to Life

Now is when we get our hands on the keyboard and work to get our strategy live. Thanks to our years of experience, we’re starting on second base with executing on strategy. We have kept pace with changes as they’ve occurred and know the ins and outs of successful setup and optimization.


A Full Funnel Look at Measurement

Our team leverages many tactics to measure success, including Amazon Marketing Cloud and standard platform metrics. We aim to leverage metrics not just for success of the campaign itself, but also to learn the impact they’re having on the brand itself and on other channels.


Testing 1, 2, 3

Our DSP team approaches testing in a sequential and intentional way, ensuring we are isolating strategic elements for the best results. Additionally, we approach every test we run with plans to scale if it’s successful, and clear optimizations to make if not scalable across all campaigns.

Are you Reaching the Right Audience?

Amazon DSP can help your brand be present where it matters most. Chat with a Coder now about your DSP strategy.