The Classic Shoot

The Classic Shoot is our tried and true approach to producing high-quality content for specific placements with additional footage to flex across channels to equip brands for the needs of today and tomorrow. Our rigorous pre-production process ensures maximum efficiency and total brand alignment for a seamless shoot. We also send a maker to capture behind the scenes content in a social-first way so every shoot delivers on your story beyond a single campaign.


The Makers-Style Shoot

A Code3 Maker’s Shoot gives brands the opportunity to collect social-first, UGC-style content in a controlled and elevated way with unlimited usage in social and digital. Our Maker Team is an in-house team of creators, native to social and digital, who will capture content on iPhones in various relevant locations.

It’s like working with influencers, but less drama and more control over the outcome so you walk away with a large volume of usable content that plugs straight into your calendar.

Our Process

Shoot Briefing

An Outlined Approach

Coders work closely with clients on the overall vision of the shoot, their goals and outcomes, which channels the content is created for and the specific footage needs and priorities for the brand. We use all of these inputs to craft a shoot brief outlining the strategy and approach.

Pre-Production Planning

Creating a Production Book

A successful shoot is all about planning! Our preliminary shoot planning includes talent option sourcing, location scouting and more. Additionally, Coders create a pre-production book that prepares the entire team – internal and client – for the day of production. This includes a shot list overview, look/feel inspiration, set direction, casting, location, wardrobe, makeup, props and much more. If it’s needed for a successful photo shoot, you can find information about it in this book.

Shot List

No Detail Left Behind

A list of wants just won’t do – our detailed shot list includes details pertaining to light source, setting, product, shot type, styling references and more.

Production Day(s)

Planning Comes to Life

We bring our planning to life on production days. Our nimble, cost-effective captures still, video and native content across platforms and placements. A typical 1-3 day shoot yields a year+ worth of assets.


The Finished Products

Once we wrap, we begin post-production work. Content creation kicks off with immediate content needs, followed by ongoing social/digital/web asset creation based on tentpole moments, key initiatives and campaigns.

Quiet on the set!

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