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Spotlight on Snapchat: Acquisition, Partnership, and the Future of Market Trends
Snapchat is one of many major platforms Code3 activates upon for our clients. Learn more about Snapchat’s recent acquisition and other headlines here.
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3 Reasons Twitter Still Belongs in Your Marketing Plan
It's not the newest social platform, but it has an invaluable audience. Find out why advertising on Twitter is a smart move in 2021.
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Modern Methods for Your Brand’s Instagram Engagement
Maximize your Instagram engagement with these strategies. Read for more insight and a spotlight on eCommerce.
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8 FAQs About Podcast Advertising, Planning, and Measurement
Podcast advertising is becoming more popular among brands and advertisers. Learn more about it in our latest blog post.
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The Increased Importance of Brand Safety in 2021 by Platform
Brand safety is increasingly prevalent. Learn more about brand safety across the platforms we work with at Code3 in this blog post.
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The Complete Prime Day Checklist for Brands and Advertisers
Use this free checklist to cross-reference your brand's Prime Day strategy. We've curated valuable tips to ensure you don't miss a thing!
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20+ Prime Day FAQs for Brands, Sellers, and Advertisers
Download this guide for the answers to your questions about Prime Day.
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Advertising on Pinterest: How an Agency Can Help
Pinterest is all about making new discoveries. Here’s why advertising on Pinterest is effectice and how an agency can accelerate success.
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Code3’s 2021 Platform Planning Guide is Now Available
There are many platforms for digital marketers to become experts at navigating. Our Platform Planning Guide can help.
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What Is the Triller App Today, and What Could It Be Tomorrow?
Triller is showing signs of being the next big thing in social media. Brands need to spot new opportunities to stand out.
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What Advertisers Need to Know About TikTok in 2021 and Beyond
Learn more about TikTok and how to navigate the shifting media landscape. Find out what to expect as an advertiser.
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How Digital Marketers Can Navigate A World Without Third-Party Cookies
It’s unclear what a world without third-party cookies will look like. However, there’s a lot we do know that can help us prepare. Read more.
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Clubhouse, The Hottest App of 2021: What Brands and Advertisers Need to Know
Reminiscent of TikTok’s quick rise to popularity, Clubhouse is taking the social media world by storm. Learn more in this blog post.
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Reflections and Considerations for Digital Marketers in 2021
Digital marketers have been impacted over the last year in many ways. Here we share reflections, considerations, and valuable insight.
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The Evolution of eCommerce and How to Succeed
As the pandemic carries over into 2021, what can brands do to continue eCommerce sales and growth? Learn more here.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Advertising During Super Bowl LV
Super Bowl LV looked different than usual for our clients this year. Learn more about how we approached this opportunity.
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What AI Can’t Do for Your Brand: Human Guidance and Your Reputation
AI is a powerful tool for automated decision-making; marketers who understand AI are better positioned to succeed.
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Webinar – Principles & Predictions for 2021 Marketing
Our webinar reflects on lessons learned in 2020 and how to apply them in 2021. Sign up for on-demand access here.
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2021 Podcast “Podscape”
Magellan AI recently released their updated “Podscape” - a map detailing over 180 of the most influential companies in the podcast industry.
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How Organizations Can Cut Through The Social Media Noise
Tom Lyons, Head of Creative at Code3, offers his insight into the Social Media landscape and how to cut through the noise.
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iOS14 Update Disrupts Ad Ecosystem: What You Need To Know
Apple's iOS14 update is the latest privacy measure for digital marketers to navigate. Learn more about what this means for you here.
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No Trust Without Transparency
The key to gaining consumer trust is transparency within advertising, and it should be a top priority. Learn more here.
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What Digital Marketers Should Know About Section 230 Under the New Administration
Biden and the Senate are leaning toward reforming Section 230 to make online media platforms more accountable for the content posted there.
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2021 Predictions: Social, eCommerce, Video, and More
Industry executives share their 2021 predictions across social, eCommerce, video, and more as we draw a line under a very eventful year.
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A Look Back at Q5 to Get Ahead in Q1
Q5 is the time between the end of December and the beginning of the New Year that illuminates trends and kickstarts Q1 planning.
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Best Podcasts of 2020
While 2020 didn’t have much to offer, we did get some good content this year! Here is Code3’s list of best podcasts in 2020.
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Let’s Talk About Code3’s Core Values
This year, we rebranded and relaunched as Code3. With our new identity comes new values. They’re the gold standard that drive our process, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.
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Top Trends for the First Half of 2021
After a tumultuous year, brands and marketers are looking forward to a fresh start. Here we share insight for the first half of 2021.
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ExchangeWire, EU Prepares New Big Tech Legislation; WPP Merges The Glitch with VMLY&R
In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: the EU Commission prepares to present new legislation that will impose tighter regulation on Big Tech; WPP merges India-based agency The Glitch with VMLY&R; and SocialCode rebrands as Code3.
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SocialCode Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Code3
Performance marketing agency reveals new name in support of expanded capabilities with expertise in media, creative and commerce.
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How To Navigate Advertising During The 2020 Election
2020 has been an unprecedented year for a variety of reasons, and the upcoming election is no exception. We believe the ability to remain agile as we finish out the year is incredibly important.
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Driving and Measuring Media Impact This Holiday Season
The holiday season is a massive opportunity for most brands. Learn more about driving and measuring media impact for your brand here.
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Conversations With CodeAudio: LQBTQIA+ Voices In Advertising
This week, CodeAudio partnered with SocialCode’s D&I team to feature members from the LGBTQ+ community from Facebook and SocialCode.
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Assessing the Impact of IDFA Deprecation
With the release of iOS 14 expected mid-Sept, Apple will require all app developers self-report on their privacy practices.
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Podcast Advertising with a Purpose
Wonder Media Network highlights under-represented voices and showcases a variety of podcasts, specifically in the categories of politics, business, and culture. Where can brands fit in?
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Google Turns Up Their Audio Advertising Opportunities
Google recently announced new audio capabilities that provide marketers more options for ad placements to reach a growing audience for audio streaming content.
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Q2 Earnings Wrap-Up: Big Box Retailers and Emerging Marketplaces
2020 has been the year of the pivot. In the face of a global pandemic, all stakeholders with seats at the table of marketing (brands, platforms, publishers and most importantly, consumers) have had to drastically change their priorities and behaviors to adapt to our latest reality.
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New Work Highlight: Tractor Beverage Co.
We’re thrilled to show off some of our latest work with our new client - Tractor Beverage Company.
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D&I Dialogues: Continuing the Conversation
From Breonna Taylor to George Floyd to Ahmaud Arbery to Elijah McClain and the countless additional victims of police brutality, the Black Lives Matter movement has re-entered the spotlight and become the main topic of conversation.
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Boycott or Not, Facebook Remains an Effective Platform for Driving Performance
As discussed in our last POV, a handful of brands decided to take part in the “Stop Hate For Profit Campaign” - a boycott against advertising on Facebook through the month of July called for by a number of civil right activist groups.
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Assessing The Impact of Facebook’s New ‘Limited Data Use’ Feature
Following the enforcement of CCPA that began on July 1, Facebook has rolled out a new feature called Limited Data Use (LDU) that clarifies the role they wish to play in this new regulatory environment.
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What’s Next for Podcasts in 2020? [Infographic]
With record breaking numbers in January and February, 2020 was off to a promising start for podcasts. COVID-19 temporarily stalled growth, with people adjusting their routines.
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Turn Insight Into Action – Target Customers Who Will Grow Your Business [Podcast]
My guest in today’s episode is Cary Lawrence, the Co-founder and General Manager at SocialCode. They are a full-service marketing partner that combines media, data-management, creative, and marketplace strategies to help brands grow revenue and be more profitable.
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Consumers Are Open To New Brands: What This Means For The Consumer Landscape And Marketers
Over the last three months, the consumer landscape has changed dramatically as people have taken up new ways to learn, work, entertain themselves, procure essentials and non-essentials, connect with others, and increase wellness while at home.
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NCDHHS launches COVID-19 social media campaign to reach historically marginalized populations
The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is launching a new social media marketing campaign as part of a larger public outreach campaign designed to reach historically marginalized populations disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
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Companies Continue to Cut Facebook Ad Spend to Protest Hate [Video]
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2020 Effie Awards Announcement: Chipotle Mexican Grill
This past week, SocialCode’s CodeCreative and Media teams were honored to be recognized with an Effie Award for Chipotle’s ‘The Difference is Real’ Campaign. Congratulations to all of the agencies and partners that worked on the campaign!
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Unpacking the COVID-19 Podcast Landscape [Infographic]
Podcast listening year-to-date has increased significantly, with global unique listeners and downloads up 20 to 30%. But in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, daily routines have changed drastically, with non-essential workers ditching their typical morning comnute.
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SocialCode Names Drew Mehta Vice President, Performance And Analytics
SocialCode, the leader in digital media marketing solutions, today announced the appointment of Drew Mehta as Vice President, Performance and Analytics.
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Digiday Future Leader Awards, 2020 Finalist
Sam Isaac, Director of Strategy for our Audience Intelligence Platform at SocialCode, was short listed for Digiday’s Future Leader Awards in the Technology Provider categories.
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Stevie Awards – Tech Innovator of the Year
SocialCode Co-Founder and GM of Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP), Cary Lawrence, was named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Tech Innovator of the Year category in The 17th Annual American Business Awards® this month.
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