Challenge the “Norm”

There is no status quo – best practices that worked a few years ago are now irrelevant.

Spread the Love

Search is no longer just “Let me Google that” and new platforms are gaining market share every month.

Total Customization

We customize search programs to each client’s goals and experimentation tolerance.


We Focus our Effort on What
Moves the Needle

In “old school” search strategy, there were so many elements of control that allowed marketers to drive improved performance. That game has changed, and the levers we need to pull are different (and spoiler alert: shrinking). How we spend our time is changing, and our search experts are built for the modern era.

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Having Roots in Social Fuels our Search Experimentation

The days of “I’ll just Google that” are over. With consumers diversifying their search habits across various platforms, including social media, search volume is more fragmented than ever. At Code3, our expertise in both search and social platforms ensures we capture and convert users wherever they begin (or end) their journey.

We Focus on What Matters

We meticulously craft and optimize your paid search strategy, delivering top-tier execution while staying ahead of platform advancements to keep your account performing at its peak.

Goals & Strategy

Tailored to Your Business

Every business has different goals to hit and nuances in their product awareness and media mix. We tailor our strategy based on insights about each client’s business, the necessary KPIs and profitability thresholds, and appetite for growth.

Modern Account Structures

Staying Agile

What worked yesterday, won’t work tomorrow. We structure accounts to best leverage machine learning and AI, for better performance now and in the future.

Keyword & Audience Selection

Capture the Right Demand

We utilize tools to develop the best possible audiences and keyword sets, priming our clients to capture demand and generate new customers.

Bid Management

Making Dollars Go Farther

We ensure bid strategies are aligned with business objectives and consistently optimize, so we’re not leaving any opportunities on the table.

Iterative Testing

Experiment to Drive Growth

Testing is in our DNA. We believe in ongoing iterative testing to continuously push the boundaries and unlock incremental gains.

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