The Challenge

Thin Budget, Large Catalog

With a large catalog of over 5,000 products across numerous subcategories and limited budget, their search advertising investment was spread too thin across a competitive and saturated category. The client was unable to make an impact in many of the categories they advertised in.

The Action

A Focused Subcategory Approach

Code3 Search Strategists focused on advertising on a reduced set of product subcategories, eliminating too-thin budgets across many products. By scaling back and focusing on a smaller number of ASINs to advertise on, Code3 Strategists aimed to improve ad performance and revenue. Additionally, the approach was also a test to determine if the more focused strategy would increase organic momentum.

A more concentrated budgeting and bid management strategy paired with an aggressive approach in specific categories allowed Code3 to gain the traction needed to improve ad performance and revenue. Improved performance increased organic traffic to those PDPs, resulting in organic momentum and increased share of voice.

Services Performed

Paid Search


Growth in SOV for focus Bath subcategories QoQ


Growth in SOV for focus Kitchen subcategories QoQ


Growth in Organic Shipped Revenue (focus products)


Growth in Shipped Units on focus products YoY

The Win

From increasing Share of Voice to impacting revenue, our strategy paid off with big wins.

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