Focused on Your Needs

We’re laser focused on goals – every campaign strategy starts with what clients need to achieve

Humans + Technology

We blend human and tech to ensure our time is spent on strategy that matters

AI Automation

We turn AI on its head, with Intentional Automation to make every dollar spent go further


Make Your Brand Visible

Amazon hasn’t grown into one of the world’s biggest online retailers without plenty of change along the way, and Coders embrace it. There’s no longer one best Sponsored Ads campaign type to use to drive growth, and there are customers to reach throughout all parts of the funnel – at all times. We’re experts in strategizing which Sponsored Ads campaign type to use at the most critical moments across the shopping journey.

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We Don’t Believe in Silos

Coders have a high level of expertise across many areas. We all work together – with you – to ensure strategy and execution is tightly aligned. No silos, no surprises.


Driving Growth is What Matters

We meticulously craft and optimize your sponsored ads strategy, delivering top-tier execution while staying ahead of platform advancements to keep your account performing at its peak.

Discovery Strategy Execution Testing


Create a Deep Understanding

Our discovery process starts with connection. We connect with our client to deeply understand and prioritize their goals and connect with our Client Services team to assess the client’s catalog as it stands at the time of discovery and determine if any maintenance is needed. We work closely together to ensure catalogs are prioritized accurately and our advertising efforts will be supporting the right products to meet goals.


Laser Focused on Goals

No two clients or programs are the same, and our strategy is laser focused on meeting and exceeding goals. Coders begin to execute on necessary catalog maintenance, variation strategy implementation, retail readiness across the catalog and other to-dos from the Discovery phase.

Our strategy takes a number of factors into consideration and addresses different pieces of the purchasing funnel. Depending on client goals and objectives, we pull certain levers to achieve goals such as increasing brand awareness and reach, driving increased traffic, improving customer loyalty and more.


Execute with Intentional Automation

Now, it’s time to get our hands on the work and begin to bring our strategy to life by building campaigns. While we execute, we leverage our best in class tech stack helps us to do what we do best: innovate and strategize on how we can meet our clients goals. We focus on Intentional Automation – ensuring that our tech is helping us to make every dollar go further based on our strategy.


Iterate for Impact

And now, we sit back, relax and watch our strategy work its magic. Just kidding! We love watching our strategy come to life, but there’s no sitting back. Once campaigns are live, it’s time to pressure test. There is no shortage of things that can be tested with Amazon Sponsored Ads, but we make sure every test can answer two important questions: what is the impact and why are we testing this?

Stand Out In the Marketplace

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