Finding Good Fits

We know how to select the right, strong hosts to read and endorse your brand

Negotiate Good Rates

Clients rely on us to negotiate rates and AV on their behalf

Attribute & Measure

We track attribution and measurement to ensure consumers are engaging with brands


Increased Engagement with Audio

Audio marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience and drive purchase intent. The IAB Upfronts 2023 reports that 81% of people say they pay attention to podcast ads more than other channels, and 69% say they are more aware of a brand when hearing it on a podcast.


Attribution Tracking and Measurement

Audio isn’t a set it and forget it approach. We leverage third-party platforms to track attribution to measure how consumers exposed to audio are engaging with brands, and use that information for evolving strategy and tactics.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Connect with a Coder about your Digital Audio Strategy