The Challenge

Testing Audio Advertising to Expand Reach

The client was looking to expand their reach and convert new customers to the brand during their critical Summer season. The client had a specific audience in mind for this audio advertising test, focusing on outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Additionally, the client used this as a test to gain critical audience insights and learnings around specific information such as calls to action, ad formats, audiences and more.

The Action

Gaining Critical Audience Insights

Code3 Strategists leveraged several types of podcast and audio advertising such as host read podcasts, streaming audio and more. The variety allowed the team to gain results and learnings to leverage across all marketing efforts.

Services Performed

digital audio





Conversion Rate


revenue from purchases

The Win

In addition to driving additional revenue, the client was able to clearly identify which types of audio advertising resonated most with their audience, which was then leveraged for future strategy.

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