Partner Agnostic

We aren’t tied to a specific network of influencers, allowing us to be selective for our clients

Full Scope

From engaging with influencers to determining upfront strategy, we can handle it all

Find the Right Fit

We’re experts on working with influencers who deliver on brand goals and KPIs


Our Philosophy

We use a few platforms for influencer research, verification and data – always coupled with our strategic, manual research and discovery to find the right fit to align with goals, brand, audience and more. We intentionally don’t tie ourselves to a specific network of influencers so that we can be selective in choosing the best influencer mix to achieve your objectives, and establish impactful, long-term relationships between the creator and brand itself.

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Tell a Story Through Influencers

We leverage influencers as an important part of overall marketing goals, identifying key campaign moments or events to activate with them. Having a focused strategy with clear goals, KPIs and necessary media support is just as critical to success as outreach, communications and content/posting coordination – and we can do it all.

We Focus on What Matters

We meticulously craft and optimize your influencer strategy, delivering top-tier execution while staying ahead of platform advancements to keep your account performing at its peak.

Planning & Upfront Strategy

Tailored to Your Business

To kick off any influencer project, it’s critical to work closely with brand teams and identify goals, KPIs and an overall influencer approach. We make recommendations and collaborate with clients to outline and align on influencer criteria, focusing on tiers, audience alignment, lifestyle, categories, channels of focus and more.

Influencer Hook & Ask

Aligning Key Campaigns

Once an upfront strategy has been formulated, we identify key campaign moments or events to activate with them and fine-tune the hook and ask of influencers.

Influencer Sourcing

Research the Right Way

The search begins! We blend platforms and manual research for influencer sourcing and verification, ensuring we’re identifying a variety of influencers who fit the overall strategy. We look for a variety of options of influencers to reach out to, vetting them for the right mix to achieve brand goals.

Creator Engagement

Find the Right Fit

Consider us your influencer matchmaker. Once we’ve narrowed down the influencer list, we begin outreach with pitch materials and handle all communications and negotiations, including contract support.

Communication & Coordination

Ensure Content is On-Brand

Brands rely on us to handle all back and forth communication, including crafting influencer briefs to ensure the content is on-brand and right for the campaign. Additionally, if needed, our team can assist with content and posting coordination, making the process easy for both the influencer and the brand, establishing an impactful, long-term relationship for both the creator and the brand.

Have we influenced you?

Managing all the moving parts of an influencer campaign can be difficult. We've got this.