The Strategy

Identifying the Right Audience

Setting the right strategy and identifying influencers to reach new audiences and expand awareness was a big task that SailGP leaned on Code3 to handle. Based on research, our team aimed to reach sports enthusiasts with a bias toward action sports to generate a new viewing audience and rouse fandom, along with a local lifestyle crowd to bolster attendance. We set out to find influencers who could do just that.

The Action

Setting Influencer Strategy

Code3 led the entire influencer process, from strategy and researching against potential new audiences to sourcing and outreach (ranging from macro to micro influencers), resulting in an increase in new audience reach and engagement.

Services Performed




More content


Follower increase

More TV and streaming views than any previous Sail

The Win

By leveraging the influencers and their accounts, SailGP was able to reach new, previously untapped audiences.

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