Increase Discoverability

Our SEO strategies and catalog enhancements enable organic visibility and enrich the shopper experience

Content that Converts

We specialize in Creative and Copy that educates, tells a story and drives conversion

Marketplace Experts

We’re behind the scenes, too, staying ahead of the ever-changing retail landscape


We Help Maintain Brand Integrity

Keeping listings retail ready is critical to support advertising strategies and drive organic growth. Discoverable listings, with accurate and keyword-rich copy and creative that showcases products in a variety of ways shows consumers they’re purchasing from the brand itself. Behind the scenes, we focus on listing and brand integrity through backend attribute accuracy, catalog monitoring to maintain on page listing order, and catalog enhancements like variation strategy to inspire conversion.



Fueling the Flywheel

Advertising alone doesn’t fuel the eRetail flywheel – it’s only half the story. A solid organic foundation on product listings paired with a strong advertising presence can help listings rise in rankings, increasing sales and other flywheel signals.

Fueling the Flywheel


Catalog Analysis

Commerce content is all about setting the foundation for your brand’s marketplace presence, and there’s nothing more foundational than optimizing a brand’s catalog to ensure they are well represented on the digital shelf. That’s where our discovery process begins: with a frontend and backend analysis of your catalog, identifying priority product gaps alongside opportunities to develop short and long term strategies that move the needle and initiate incremental growth.

Additionally, our full team of SEO, copy, and design specialists perform a deep dive into your brand, products and what your goals are. From asking questions about how the products work to reviewing brand guidelines and everything in between, we become experts in your business and deploy a game plan that’s tailored towards your goals.


Setting a Game Plan

Once our teams are aligned on client goals and the opportunities at hand, we work together to make recommendations and strategize the plan moving forward. All teams work collaboratively to strategize a quarterly game plan based on what optimizations will move the needle the quickest to achieve and exceed client goals, what are the highest priority optimizations and which products to focus on.


Kickstarting the Flywheel

And now we’re off to the races! We start to fuel the flywheel, working closely with our Client Services team to execute on our strategy, completing various tasks such as implementing variation and Amazon SEO strategies, crafting keyword-rich copy and bringing beautiful, conversion-worthy creative to life. Throughout both strategy and execution phases, we work in tandem with Advertising teams to ensure we’re collectively strategizing towards client goals, especially during promotional periods, tentpole events and product launches.


Data-Driven Testing

As we work through our strategy, we’re always identifying opportunities for improvement through testing and measurement. As we track and report back to clients on content effectiveness, we gain a clear, data-driven picture on what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to make necessary adjustments. Additionally, we leverage A/B testing on copy and imagery, break silos through testing on Search and DSP teams and more.


Fine-Tuning Strategy

Once we’ve kickstarted the flywheel, there’s no resting on our laurels. This is where our team thrives: we’ve made it great, now how can we make it even better? There is always room for more optimizations, fine-tuning strategy and of course, keeping up with the ever-evolving platform.

Your Marketplace Foundation Matters

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