The Challenge

Keeping PDPs Retail Ready Amid Category Changes

The grocery category and especially the coffee category, has proven to be one of the most volatile categories with changes to product content and variation requirements. The evolution of the category has resulted in many unanticipated changes to our client’s PDPs, challenging them to keep their listings retail ready at all times.

The Action

Consistent Monitoring to Maintain Listing Order

Leveraging Code3’s proprietary PDP monitoring tool, Intel, Code3 SEO Strategists were able to keep a close eye on the status of all ASINs in our clients catalog, ensuring any issues are remedied prior to impacting sales. We were able to move quickly to remedy issues such as indexation issues if a product is not active on the PDP, if copy or imagery is stripped from the page, if ASINs are dropped from their variation and much more. Once identified, our team worked quickly to remedy the issues in a timely manner by making updates within the Vendor Central backend platform, escalating cases to Support teams and more.

Services Performed




ASINs impacted by broken variations


ASINs requiring copy fixes


ASINs requiring image fixes


tickets opened to combat issues

The Win

In addition to maintaining listing order and safeguarding brand reputation while driving both organic and ad traffic to pages, Code3 Strategists were alerted to and combatted issues for 200+ ASINs.

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