Our Strategic Insights Go Deep

When we begin the research and discovery phase, we start on second base. We combine our depth of experience, with new landscape and audience research to uncover insights that spark smart ideas and unique strategies that make our clients’ brand stand out.


A Unique Approach to Teamwork

Code3 Creative clients not only work with great designers and copywriters, but their right hand point of contact is a creative strategist who brings knowledge of client goals, their brand, audiences and the platforms. Our team approach instills goal-oriented thinking and creative ideation into all communication streams, resulting in strategy and creative that delivers on goals.

Our Process

Research and Discovery

Setting the Stage

Setting the stage for brand and creative strategy is critical, so our team does its homework to uncover opportunities. We digest client inputs and past performance data, conduct research including industry trends within and outside the category, as well as brand and competitive analysis. This may involve stakeholder interviews and customer journey maps.

Initial Assessment and Strategy

Identifying Opportunities

Our learnings from the Strategic Discovery will guide our Initial Assessment and Strategy, and we work closely with clients to review the analysis and discuss opportunities. Our goal during this phase is to nail down strategic direction, and align on white space, positioning, main messaging and differentiation.

Brand Identity Development

Creating a Brand Identity

While our Creative Strategists have fun every step of the way, this is where it is really exciting! Our goal of this phase is to get into the weeds and craft a brand identity. This can be as little as updates to current brand guidelines or as much as a full brand redesign with updated logos, colors, voice and tone and more.

Go To Market and Creative Development

Bringing Brand Positioning to Life

Here is where Code3 Creative teams begin to work even closer with other activation teams to determine the best way forward to introducing brands to their target audiences in a compelling way. We identify a channel plan to bring the brand positioning to life, build messaging approach, provide creative brief for creative development and much more.

Launch and Real Time Optimization

The Big Reveal

Once assets are created and a channel plan approved, we’ll launch. Simultaneously, we’ll implement a testing framework to identify what’s working and what’s not, measure performance and pivot as necessary.

What story does your Creative tell?

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