The Challenge

Reaching a Wide Audience

Code3 was challenged with coming up with a concept that was appealing to not only Gen Z, but also the general population, who can often have a neutral or negative reaction to mental health content.

The Action

Native-Feeling Creative Elements across Facebook and Instagram

Code3 executed ads across Facebook and Instagram that were designed to provide people with better ways to identify, understand, regulate and cope with a wide spectrum of emotions. To get the attention of a Gen Z audience, we leveraged more native-feeling creative elements like an iMessage conversation between two friends, Calm App-inspired animations, vibrant color choices, and interactive exercises like a carousel of Daily Affirmations.


Impressions on Facebook and Instagram


People reached on Facebook and Instagram

The Win

According to a brand lift study tied to the campaign, 564,000 people are estimated to have shifted attitudes towards key help-seeking behaviors. Additionally, there was a 3.3pt increase in people’s beliefs that taking care of emotional wellbeing is important and a 2.3pt increase in people’s’ willingness to seek resources for emotional wellbeing.

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