Nimble Strategy for Today and Tomorrow

We bring our knowledge of your brand, culture, the platforms and your audiences forward, ensuring messages are relevant. We live-and-breathe digital platforms so your brand can show up in these spaces authentically and purposefully.

Brand + Creative Strategy

Creative Strategists dive deep to ensure your brand identity, story and creative is compelling without sacrificing performance


Influencer + Creator Strategy

We find the best influencer mix to achieve brand objectives and establish natural, mutually beneficial relationships


Organic Social Strategy

We’re built for real time, with 10+ years of social-first experience and proven tactics to stay ahead of the curve


Content Creation

From transcreation to testing and 360 creative campaigns, you get creative agency quality and performance partnership impact.


Content + Transcreation

We create at the speed of social, combining creative vision with technology, and multiplying every piece of content



Staying relevant requires brands move quicker than ever to create as much content as possible – and at Code3, we help you keep up and do it the smart way.

Scalable Creative Production

We take a modern approach to shoots, combining hi-fi with low-fi and maximizing the amount of content we can get from a single shoot, so filming for a :30 spot also replenishes your content library.


Immersive Technology + Web Development

User experience and brand goals shape what – and how – we develop everything from AR filters and VR experiences to landing pages that convert.


Let's Get Creative

Feeling uninspired by your brand's creative presence? We can help!