The Challenge

Identifying 3P Listings with Recorded Sales

To further discover what type of impact the duplicate listings were having, Code3 SEO Strategists began by diving into product listings and the third-party presence on the brand name within the Health & Household and Home & Kitchen categories. The analysis uncovered over 1,600 third-party created listings associated with the client’s brand name, spanning active and inactive listings, including discontinued products. Of particular significance, 131 of these listings recorded sales in 2023.

The Action

Focus on Eliminating 3P Sellers

To combat the issue and maintain brand reputation, Code3 SEO Strategists are able to merge certain ASINs back to the brand, eliminating the 3P, enhancing the SERP and ultimately, capturing and augmenting sales against their brand name. Additionally, merging as many ASINs as possible closes any leaky sales avenues that 3Ps can infiltrate, ensuring that our client, the brand owner, records future sales on these products.

Services Performed






ASINs identified that could be merged


of total 3P revenue transferred back to the brand

The Win

Being more aware of a 3P presence is a win for a brand, so they’re in the know of their brand landscape, but we didn’t stop there. We identified mergeable ASINs that will eliminate the 3P, improve the customer shopping experience and ultimately improve revenue, review and rating history.

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