The Challenge

Increasing Consumer Awareness and Brand Recognition

Shaka is only found in specific retailers across 5 different DMAs in the US (including Hawai’i), which presents a lack of consumer awareness of where to make purchases. The brand had also recently gone through a packaging overhaul, shifting from glass bottles to slim cans, which created a lack of recognition on store shelves even among existing consumers.

The Action

Authentically-Captured Content from a Mix of Influencers

Code3 identified a mix of mid-level and micro influencers to authentically capture content of Shaka Tea in a variety of scenarios – in-store, at home and on-the-go – with the goal of creating brand affinity and driving trial. We developed a strategy that categorized our prospective creators into three personas that best reflected the Shaka consumer, including outdoor enthusiasts and busy moms.

From there, we sourced, briefed, and activated with six different influencers on Instagram and TikTok throughout the summer months. The output was a diverse mix of content featuring Shaka Tea as a natural part of each influencer’s lifestyle. Additionally, Code3 paid social teams boosted some of our top-performing posts on Facebook and Instagram to increase reach and created net-new ads with the influencers’ raw video footage.

Services Performed

influencer and creator strategy

paid social




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