The Challenge

Increasing Brand Awareness

The brand is well established and sold in most nationwide grocery stores, but was lacking brand recognition online. Kickstarting the Amazon flywheel was necessary to increase brand awareness and begin to drive sales.

The Action

An Integrated Approach to Kickstart the Flywheel

Code3 Commerce Strategists worked together across Amazon Search, SEO and PDP to implement a strategy to kickstart the Amazon flywheel, increase brand awareness and grow sales. Within six months of the partnership, SEO and PDP Strategists optimized the entire catalog, including variations, backend keywords and attributes, refreshed copy focusing on keyword placement and searchability, optimized product image galleries, A+ pages and brand store, all of which set the foundation of each ASIN and boosted organic visibility. In tandem, Search Strategists focused efforts towards large volume nonbrand keywords with high relevance to the advertised product(s). Layered brand ASIN targeting continued to introduce new products to repeat customers, and various targeting tactics were implemented to remain relevant in the category.

Additionally, our Creative team executed two on-site photoshoots to provide updated lifestyle and product imagery to use in Amazon optimizations.

Services Performed







YoY increase in keyword rank for best seller ASIN


revenue increase YoY


sessions increase YoY


unit orders increase YoY

The Win

A focused strategy on boosting organic visibility to help grow sales paid off with results across the board organically and through paid search.

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