The Challenge

An Innovative Strategy to Optimize True Business Impact

Our client in the highly competitive apparel industry was looking to be more innovative with their strategy and needed to reframe their product feed around their most profitable and highest LTV products and customers. Code3 devised a strategy to restructure their feed and PMax campaigns.

The Action

A Product Feed Centered Around Profitability

Code3 Search Strategists restructured their performance max campaigns from 20+ category-based campaigns to 3 profit-centered ones. The profit-centered campaigns were ranked based on profitability – high, medium, and low – with priority put on high profitability campaigns as opposed to assigning budget based on performance. By segmenting by profit margin, we were able to optimize not only for front-end performance, but true business impact.

Services Performed




YoY conversion increase in high profit categories


YoY increase in revenue in high profit categories

The Win

We embraced a cutting edge strategy for Google and were able to take a step back and reframe what success means for our client. By focusing the product feed on higher-profit products, we were able to make a big impact in those categories, increasing not only conversion and revenue in the category, but having a true overall business impact.

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