The Challenge

Attracting New Customers During a Critical Season

This client wanted to make a media comeback in a big way, developing a new 60-second brand spot to promote globally leading up to the holidays. Code3 was challenged to simultaneously leverage the 60-second brand spot to attract new and lapsed customers while driving lower funnel performance via overall Sales and ROAS.

The Action

The Right Mix of Strategies to Drive Performance

Coders designed a media plan that incorporated the right mix of strategies to increase brand awareness and drive full-funnel performance, leaning heavily into CTV, online, and social video to complement Search, Programmatic, and Social performance drivers.  Within the CTV campaigns, Code3 carefully curated audience segments that would balance targeting and scale to minimize wasted (expensive) impressions. The success was measured through modeled multi-touch attribution leveraging a marketing mix modeling approach.

The Win

The overall campaign delivered strong performance that continues to resonate with consumers. During key holiday weekends, this campaign drove 3x conversions, helping our client exceed  sales goals. CTV exceeded expectations, driving comparable ROAS performance to social and fueling ROAS to new heights across paid channels by over 1.5X our goals.

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