The Challenge

Combating the Competition through Education

Our client was rapidly losing market share to brands selling cheaper, less sophisticated imitation products. Additionally, they had strict efficiency goals and were looking to be able to more effectively tie branding spend to down-funnel action.

The Action

Leveraging STV as a Branding and Performance Channel

Code3 Programmatic Strategists leaned in to educating the audience through STV campaigns that explained the value of their products relative to the competition and price point and why they were a better decision than cheaper alternatives. Additionally, the interactive video ads allowed interested shoppers to add the product to their cart on Amazon at the moment, without disrupting the viewing with a second screen. This allowed the STV campaign to function as both a branding and performance channel, meeting efficiency goals.

Services Performed

amazon dsp




36x greater

Add to Cart Rate when compared to previous ads


higher purchase volume


higher sales volume


more purchasers when STV+Sponsored Ads combined

The Win

Transforming the STV campaign to act as both a branding and performance channel paid off with meaningful results. This includes a 675% increase in conversion rate among shoppers exposed to the STV campaign and Sponsored ads vs those exposed to Sponsored Ads alone.

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