The Action

Driving Improvement, Scaling for Expansion

Code3 Search Strategists found opportunities to improve Demand Capture efforts by creating campaigns around target product categories, utilizing geographic targets including the US and in 12 other countries across the globe. Dynamic Search Ads were used to make sure no keywords were overlooked, and relevant keywords were added to the campaigns. Search Ads 360 allowed for cross platform integration and management.

By allocating specific budget to each vertical, Code3 was able to control spend and allocate dollars to higher performers. This strategy along with careful keyword management and the use of automated bid strategies reduced the cost of acquiring traffic to the site while simultaneously improving the conversion rate of that traffic, even as the client drastically increased their budget.


Improvement in conversion rate


Greater conversion volume


Reduction in CPC


Reduction in CAC

The Win

Code3’s strategy paid off with big wins across conversion, CPC and CAC.

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