The Challenge

Expanding Awareness Through Influencers

A brand in the competitive Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements category, partnered with Code3 to help maintain brand dominance, expand product and brand awareness and drive sales growth through a variety of services, across multiple channels.

They leveraged the power of influencer marketing to increase awareness of their brand and products and educate on Omega-3s. Code3 was challenged with effectively reaching and engaging with a diverse audience, including health-conscious individuals, athletes, mental health professionals, families, and pet parents while highlighting the benefits of the brand’s portfolio of supplements.

The Action

Working with a Variety of Influencers

To achieve these goals, Code3 engaged a mix of micro-influencers and mid-tier influencers on Instagram. We researched and selected influencers based on their relevance to the brand’s target audiences, previous organic engagement with the supplement brand, and their ability to create engaging product-forward UGC-style content.

Once an influencer pool was selected, Code3 engaged with them, handling all outreach, contracts and negotiations. Each influencer was provided a brief with guidelines and asks for their posts, and during a 6-month-period, they collaborated with the brand to create a variety of content, including IG Reels, IG Stories, and Carousel posts. This content amplified the brand quality to related audience segments, increasing brand awareness and interest in the omega-3 category.

Additionally, the brand also partnered with two campaign-specific influencers across Instagram and TikTok to create custom content during key seasonal campaign pushes. This helped reach a wider audience during key supplement-shopping seasons, which directly drove new-shopper sales as confirmed by UTM link data.

Services Performed



Over 400k Impressions

394k reach across multiple platforms

Over 20k engagements

The Win

The partnership resulted in quality increases in both brand awareness and engagement. Additionally, the influencers have promoted the brand’s omega-specific products, helping to increase sales in that specific category and expanding consumer knowledge.

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