The Challenge

Dated Website Lacks Crucial Features

The former site lacked crucial e-commerce features, including perplexing navigation, an outdated look, and ineffective product categorization. These factors posed obstacles for consumers, impeding their ability to make purchases smoothly.

The Action

Back to Basics with Website Redesign

Code3 led a website redesign, focusing on e-commerce best practices such as user-friendly navigation, minimalist design, product re-categorization, and consistent purchase touchpoints for an enhanced user experience. The addition of a paid media landing page allowed Code3 to run media at scale and achieve better returns while avoiding policy violations associated with safety products on paid channels.

Services Performed

tech and web development



Increase in revenue


Increase in transaction rate


Improvement in bounce rate

The Win

After implementing the updates, conversions experienced a significant increase, and customer retention rates improved. The new website played a crucial role in generating immediate enhanced returns and continued to provide dividends by effectively converting new-to-brand customers, and unlocked scalability from paid media returns in future months.

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