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Search Volume and Amazon Advertising


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An American Fortune 500 Company in the building materials industry partnered with Code3 (formerly Marketplace Strategy) at the end of 2019.  The client had an urgent priority to reach a sales goal and understood Amazon could be a source of quick incremental revenue. A partnership with Code3  allowed the client to try new tactics and strategies to drive impressive results in only 30 days.


Code3 advertising strategists created and deployed 1,049 Amazon Advertising Campaigns to help the client reach its sales goal by the end of the year. These campaigns drove more than $250,000 in ad-attributed sales; the company’s highest-grossing month of 2019.  When Code3 took ownership of the client's search and programmatic advertising, campaigns also drove the greatest number of ad clicks within a single month for the year. The proactive strategists at Code3 uncovered technical issues that were potentially negatively affecting sales as well. For example, cases were found in which the client’s products were mapping to the incorrect store. Having a proactive presence allowed for the client and Code3 to identify and correct inconsistencies bettering the shopper experience and increasing conversion. 

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