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Lysol on TikTok

As a strategic partner, Code3 proposed a TikTok activation to Lysol to showcase the value of the performance on the platform. To achieve this, Code3 worked closely with our platform partner at TikTok to implement a holistic approach and ensure success.


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The overall goal was to increase awareness and TikTok was the perfect platform to do so during such a crucial time. Especially since Lysol's number one mission is to protect families. Campaigns were designed to take advantage of relevancy throughout the pandemic and stand out against competitors. In addition, ads were created to engage younger audiences and ensure Lysol was top of mind as a resource to slow the spread of COVID-19. This was made possible when Code3 proposed a TikTok activation to the client and showcased the value of the platform. Once given the go-ahead, Code3 worked closely with TikTok to ensure best practices when leveraged and implemented.


Beyond a standard paid social campaign, Code3 strategists tapped into their existing platform knowledge in conjunction with support from TikTok to go above and beyond. Outlined below are examples of what made this activation successful.

Highly Engaging Ad Units

Dance Challenge


Brand Lift Study

After the campaign concluded, it was clear the activation and investment allowed the brand to connect with consumers in a new way. Elevating brand awareness among a younger demographic was key in driving results.

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