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Cross-Channel Optimization: Display & Social


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A custom dog food brand partnered with Code3 in late 2020. Its initial goal was to increase first-time purchasers by enticing them to start a free trial. In the beginning, Code3 noticed performance wasn’t as strong as it could be across the board. However, social and display were bright spots. After analyzing the strengths of each channel, Code3 pivoted the approach.


Before, the client implemented an intra-channel strategy. With this, both social and display campaigns had traffic and conversion goals. But, in practice, display was best for driving traffic, and social was best for increasing conversions. In response, Code3 initiated an inter-channel strategy allowing each channel to focus only on its strengths. When display's only goal was traffic, and social's only goal was conversion, performance improved. Code3's ability to redirect made the above statistics possible. The client has since expanded its relationship with Code3 to include its search advertising efforts and more.

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