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Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon

For more information on Code3's client performance during Turkey 5, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, please visit our blog.


November Ordered Revenue YoY in US


November Ordered Revenue YoY in CA


A long-standing client of Code3, and leading consumer electronics brand, had an aggressive performance goal for Q4 2021. In partnership with Code3, the client leaned into the valuable Turkey 5 timeframe to move through inventory. Further, the 'five' days begin on Thanksgiving and through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With this, Code3's search advertising team proposed and executed an 80/20 budget to reach shoppers in search of deals ahead of the holiday season. The bulk of spending was dedicated to products with deals and the remaining spend was allocated for new products to jumpstart Amazon's flywheel during this peak timeframe.


Code3 search advertisers concentrated on non-branded keywords while also targeting competitor and category-specific keywords. The teams closely monitored campaigns throughout the 5-day period and continuously uncapped budgets where results were favorable. Ultimately, these campaigns achieved and surpassed goals for both US and CA markets. Finally, Code3 and the client surpassed Amazon's forecasted unite goal by more than 100% in both markets.

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