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Beachbody: Major Success on Instagram

This case study was originally published by Instagram. It highlights the success of Beachbody, an American fitness and media company made possible in part by Code3.

- 30%

Customer Acquisition Cost YOY

+ 72%

Subscriptions YOY


During the window between Christmas and New Year's Beachbody wanted to make the most of this critical time. This was a strategic move for several reasons:
  • This is a valuable sales window due to less expensive ad inventory
  • This time overlapped with the inevitable demand for fitness-related products and services
The goal was to increase subscriptions at a lower cost. And this is where Code3 came in. Campaigns spanned Instagram and Facebook and targeted adults between the ages of 18 and 54 in the US and UK.


Code3 reached potential subscribers by creating lookalike audiences using insights from Beachbody's existing data. Our team leveraged automatic placements to deliver ads in the Instagram feed, Facebook News Feed, Messenger, and Audience Network.
Code3 used a mix of video and photo ads and quickly learned photo ads performed best. This lead to the creation of additional photo ads, and ultimately, half of the overall spend was attributed to these ads at a 30% lower cost than the video ads.
We determined success via Ads manager. A mix of Instagram's best practices and our agency expertise made it possible for Beachbody to improve year-over-year performance.

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