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Success on Amazon During the Holidays

Holiday gift items are a competitive field on Amazon, and a Code3 gourmet popcorn client was looking to our team to help them stand out. A solid technical foundation and optimized PDP content and imagery were already in place, so Code3's content team executed a seasonal bullet point refresh.


organic appearance on first page of the SERP


glance views month over month


overall sales month over month


overall sales year over year


The objective was to complement ongoing Amazon Ads and provide a boost in keyword ranking for critical holiday keywords. Adding content focusing on highly searched holiday keywords helped Code3 deliver increased holiday ranking and sales results. Out of the top 25 products appearing in the SERP for the tracked time of December 1, 2021 - January 8, 2022, 8 of our client’s products appeared for a total 12.6% Share of Voice.  Additionally, across all products that appeared on the first page of the SERP for the keywords popcorn present, Christmas popcorn, and popcorn Christmas gift, our client’s ASINs appeared organically 26.4% of the time. They also appeared in sponsored placements 16.52% of the time.  Overall sales improved after content implementation, with sales increasing 23% MoM and 47% YoY. Glance views also increased 248% MoM.


Code3’s content refresh approach was a team effort and began with the technical team to identify opportunity keywords. Technical strategists focused on holiday, winter, and gift-giving keywords, and curated a list of high opportunity keywords across a number of products and categories. Amazon Strategists worked with the client to identify priority products consumers may consider purchasing as a holiday or seasonal gift. And finally, our Content Strategists put it all together and crafted unique content to be added to the PDP. Upon approval from the client, the additional bullet point was uploaded and we began keyword tracking and measurement for the holiday season. For Code3’s gourmet popcorn client, our Content Strategist identified seven holiday keywords that supported priority holiday products. They were added to the PDP content within an additional sixth bullet point, focusing on how the items made a great choice for holiday and Christmas gifts. 

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