At Code3, we believe that the mental health of coders is of the highest priority – we are making ongoing efforts at all levels to update our policies and support our team. Our internal Mental Health coalition is made up of Coders from all over our company and is working on making sure we’re implementing practical policies that help our people. 

Code3 is proud to support our employees during Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond. To show our commitment, we’re highlighting some of the initiatives we have in place to help bring awareness to why mental health matters in the workplace. 

Read more to learn about our mental health commitment at Code3 and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or ideas.

Code3’s Healthcare Commitment 

Here are the ways in which we support and advocate for mental health every day in both policy and practice. 

Mental Health Committee 

The mental health committee as a part of the DEI panel is made up of volunteer Coders who want to help make a difference and show their commitment to improving the lives and working conditions of their teammates. 

The charter of the committee is: “to better understand mental health in the workplace, discover actionable ways to address it, and provide proper resources/education to employees.”

The committee is at the forefront of developing new ideas and getting feedback from employees and is working on putting together a resource page dedicated to information about mental health at Code3. The committee also created a postcard to send to all coders outlining mental health resources they can access outside of work. 

Healthcare Plans

Mental health services are supported on each of our healthcare plans. Additionally, employees with Code3’s healthcare plan have access to Teladoc and Health Advocate, which provide in-network and free services to therapists and psychiatrists.

We also provide Maven to employees, a service that specifically includes pre and postnatal mental health support.


Code3 encourages employees to WFH (work-from-home) or WFA (work-from-anywhere). We think that employees can do their best work when they’re in the ideal environment for them, and support Coders who work remotely from many different locations. Coders are also welcome to work at one of our three office locations in Cleveland, New York, or Los Angeles. 

Flex PTO

Code3 made the switch to Flex PTO so employees have the ability to manage their time and attend to all areas of their life. Our Flex PTO includes unlimited sick and vacation time and our DIY summer friday program, which offers Coders3 the option to take a select number of “summer Fridays” (and they don’t even have to be on Friday!)

We also participate in quarterly company shut-downs as “Recharge Days”, where the entire company is off. We encourage Coders to stay offline and take part in personal care during Recharge Days. 

Calm Subscription

All Code3 employees have access to a Calm subscription, offering meditation, sleep assistance, and more. The highly-rated Calm app supports mental wellness and mindfulness, and we bring these ideas into office events as well. 

Crowd Events and Book Club

We love WFA, but we also love bringing people together! We host regular Crowd events like trivia, a virtual haunted house, and more. We also have a regular book club that’s focusing on mental health for May. Set Boundaries Find Peace by Nedra Glover Tawwab goes over setting healthy boundaries and why doing so can be life-changing when it comes to mental health. 

How does your business support mental health? Contact us to let us know what we can be doing better, and take care of yourself this month and the rest of the year. 

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