We are thrilled to share some exciting brand developments at Code3! Upon joining the company a year ago as our new Chief Growth Officer, my mission was to immerse myself in our culture, our work, and how we go to market. I personally had never heard of Code3 prior to a recruiter reaching out to me– the brand had been launched 2+ years prior, and I worked for a competitor, so I knew we had a ways to go to make an impact on the digital agency space.

We spent a few months reflecting, talking to Coders, and stress testing our pitch to clients, partners and the media. We are beyond proud to roll out a comprehensive brand refresh. Our goal? To better reflect our dynamic approach and playful demeanor, tell stories about our best-in-class services, and make our own brand as innovative and forward-thinking as the solutions we provide.

Why a Brand Refresh?

Since our brand launch in 2020, when we combined the SocialCode and Marketplace Strategy brands, we've grown not only in our offering but in our understanding of what you, our clients, need from us. Despite our growth, we noticed a few areas that needed enhancement:
  • Brand Awareness and Recognition: Our recognition in the market hasn't been as strong as we would like. It was clear we needed to make our presence more impactful.
  • Website and Online Presence: Our website did not fully represent our capabilities or the breadth of our creativity. It was time for a change.
  • Inclusive Branding: Feedback from our team highlighted that our previous branding felt too rigid and overly masculine. We pride ourselves on diversity and inclusivity, and our brand needed to reflect that.
  • Client Compatibility: We found our brand elements were not as flexible when combined with our clients’ visual identities. Our new brand is designed to complement yours, ensuring a seamless partnership.

Our Journey to a Refreshed Brand

The past six months have been a journey of exploration, creativity, and lots of coffee! We delved deep into what makes Code3 unique and how we can better communicate our ethos through our branding. Here's what we've updated:
  • A Vibrant New Look: We've introduced a fresher, more vibrant color palette that not only stands out but also blends seamlessly with a wide range of client brands.
  • Revamped Website: Our new website is not just aesthetically pleasing—it’s also packed with information and easier to navigate, providing better support for both potential and current clients.
  • Reimagined Visual Identity: The new guidelines and visuals reflect our flexible, adaptable approach. We’re now more modern, dynamic, and the way we present ourselves is a symbol of our collaborative spirit.
  • Remixed Social Strategy: We are excited to bring fresher, more robust and trendy content to market that better reflects the work we actually do for our clients and showcases Coders’ personalities.

Looking Ahead

This brand refresh is not just about a new look. It's about moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to innovation. It’s about making sure our brand embodies the dynamism and creativity we bring to every project.

We believe these changes will make our collaborations even more effective and our outcomes more successful. The new Code3 is all about enhancing our services to better serve you, evolving dynamically with the market, and continuing to provide the creative, cutting-edge solutions you expect from us.

Stay tuned as we roll out our new brand elements and website. We are excited for you to join us on this vibrant new journey. Together, let's make something great!

Visit us at our new website to see the changes for yourself on our LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok and explore what the new Code3 has to offer. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable to us as we continue to grow and improve.

Welcome to the new Code3—where we take growth personally.

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