Like most companies, we were encouraged by many events in 2020 to make a real change with the way we approached DEIB at Code3. Also, like many other companies, we tried a lot of things to see what worked for us and what didn’t. The sentiment from the beginning was that we were committed to integrating DEIB into the very fabric of our organization, and that has not changed.

In 2023, we decided to dive head first and put in place new systems to ensure we were creating a space where our Coders felt they belonged. We kept the things that worked, like our programs for different holidays and culturally significant dates, and added some much-needed structure. Here’s a deep dive into how we did in 2023 and what we started in 2024.

But first, how did we even get here? A: Roundtables

Roundtables were an initiative we kicked off in 2022, which spurred the creation of our DEIB panel and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The easiest way to describe the roundtables is they are small groups where Coders can talk about their feelings specifically around DEIB at Code3. The results were anonymous and directly drove all the other initiatives that came up. The roundtables are now an annual event to understand the needs and wants of all Coders.

DEIB Panel

One of the first things we noticed was that when it comes to DEIB, everyone needs to be involved. We also know that is simply not possible. Instead of having everyone involved in everything, we created a DEIB Panel made up of members from across the company to make some of the big decisions and push the work forward. We brought together people from different teams, different levels, and different identities to represent the many perspectives we have here at Code3.

We wanted the panel to be not only a space where we were pushing out programs to the rest of Code3 but also a place where panel members themselves were growing and learning. We used our monthly meetings to plan our events and talk about committee work, of course, but, we also worked our way through reading The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change by Michelle Mijung Kim in 2023 and have new books for this year including Inclusion on Purpose: An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work by Ruchika Tulshyan.

After reflecting on what worked and where we could improve, we decided that for 2024 (and beyond), our committees would be:

  • Programming (we’re still working on the name) - What are the initiatives that are impacting our Coders’ every day? How can we grow our teams’ exposure to other cultures, people, and understandings?
  • The Work We Do - How do we weave DEIB into the actual work we are doing? How are we connecting to our clients and platform partners’ initiatives?
  • Community Engagement - How is Code3 showing up in the community? How are we giving back?
We realized that not only does every initiative we wanted to bring to Code3 fall into these categories, but they also align with our company OKRs, thus allowing us to really build DEIB into everything we do.


In January 2023, we kicked off four Employee Resource Groups based on the asks of our Coders. It was important for us to create spaces within Code3 where our team could go and know they belonged, thus we launched CodeBlack, QueerCoded, BIPOC Women, and Young Professionals @ Code3. This year we look forward to adding another ERG!

Since this was so new to us, we allowed the spaces to exist and the Coders to do with them what they felt was best. All ERGs became safe spaces to talk about topics that impacted their communities that they didn’t feel comfortable talking about with other people in their teams. Now that we have some time under our belt, the ERGs exist as a resource to ensure we are doing DEIB right. They are sounding boards for new initiatives and the first point of contact for any new program we launch. They have begun opening themselves up to be occasional spaces of learning for other Coders through annual programs while still staying closed for the comfort of their members.


One thing that has remained consistent as we implemented changes was taking time out with each other to learn about different cultures throughout the year. From Aurora Higgs speaking to us about Juneteenth to Drag Bingo to celebrate Pride, we ensure we celebrate all of our different cultures regularly.

When we took a step back at the end of 2023, we decided to take the approach “less, but better” for 2024. We wanted to ensure our programming wasn’t just well attended but engaging and were learning opportunities for our team while creating opportunities for smaller speakers within our communities. To do this, we decided on four anchor events different from our normal “sit and listen” events. Our first event of the year, a conversation about Black Art with Dr. fari nzinga of The Speed Art Museum, hit it out of the park and continued to spark conversation for months afterward.

What’s Next?

We are super excited to continue pressing forward with our efforts, especially in a world where there are still questions about DEIB's benefits. This has become who we are, not just something we do on the side and we are proud of that.


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