Facebook isn't the newest social media platform, but it can provide exposure your brand can't get anywhere else online. According to a 2021 report from Hootsuite, Facebook Advertising has a reach of 2.14 billion global users. What's more, the Impact blog notes that with granular targeting features like Custom Audiences, businesses that advertise on Facebook see the average cost of acquiring new customers decrease by nearly 75%, while Disruptive Advertising reports a conversion cost per customer of just $30 for B2C brands.

As one of the first-ever Facebook Marketing API Partners, Code3 has an in-depth understanding of how to help your brand thrive on the platform. In this guide, we pass along knowledge gleaned from years of partnering with companies like yours on smart social media advertising strategy.

Know your Facebook ads

Choosing the right type of ad will support the success of your campaign. Each format has unique features that can help you meet specific marketing goals. Consider these primary Facebook Advertising categories:

  • Image ads: Basic but never bland, these ads boost an image post on your Facebook page to your selected target audience. For example, you can schedule a post-engagement ad to appear after a user likes or shares content from your brand.
  • Poll ads: This subset of image ads allows you to add a two-question poll to get your audience talking about your brand. Poll ads currently only work for Facebook mobile users. 
  • Video ads: Like image ads, the video format can promote an existing video from your brand to relevant viewers, either in Stories or News Feed. You can also use longer videos as in-stream ads that users see as they scroll. Data Box reports that video ads have about a 300% higher click-through rate and 30% higher conversion rate than images alone.
  • Carousel ads: This rotating collection of images or videos allows the user to click each one to shop or simply learn more about your products and services. Code3 took advantage of this format for our Facebook marketing campaign with Sephora. Dynamic ads on the News Feed created a seamless shopping experience and resulted in a 580% return on investment.
  • Instant Experience: Create an interactive connection with these distinctive ads. With a click, they expand to a full page where you can highlight a tagged shopping gallery, image carousel, video clips, or even a form or survey to build a unique user experience with your brand.

When you're not sure where to start, Code3 can help you match the ideal ad opportunity to each of your current campaign objectives. 

Maximize your ad return

You can create and promote a Facebook ad in seconds, but it might take longer to develop a truly effective social media strategy. With these general tips, you can start off on the right foot and make the most of your ad spend with your first Facebook campaign:

  • Image ads should have high-quality, eye-catching graphics that pop off the user's feed.
  • Keep video clips under 15 seconds, except for in-stream ads. Those can be longer, as they demonstrate a cool feature or show off an enticing new product.
  • Always adhere to mobile-first best practices. Using this strategy for our video ad campaign with Midol helped the brand improve awareness among its young target audience, with an ad recall increase of 16 points.
  • Take advantage of Collaborative Ads, which let you sell your products and services directly through your Facebook campaigns. When Anheuser-Busch had to completely pivot its strategy during the pandemic's nationwide stay-at-home orders, we showcased and sold their offerings with this approach to the tune of a 375% return on ad spend.

Code3 can serve as your strategic partner as you leverage the power of social media sites like Facebook to put your brand on the map. Our creative expertise maximizes performance by blending art, media, and commerce for organic consumer engagement. Reach out today to consult about how our team can help you conquer Facebook ads once and for all.

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