What is Threads? 

Threads, owned by Instagram’s parent company Meta, is a text-based messaging app that links to your Instagram account. Similar to Twitter, it offers real-time conversations with text posts of up to 500 characters. While some creators were given early access, Threads is now available for all Instagram account owners, from creators to businesses to personal accounts, in more than 100 countries (at this time Threads is not available in the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland). Currently, Threads does not offer monetization opportunities for brands and will not for the remainder of 2023 as confirmed by Meta team members with Code3.

Threads Features 

  • Usernames on Threads will be the same as the user’s Instagram account
  • Capabilities such as posting Threads, liking Threads, reposting/quoting Threads, and adding Threads directly to one’s IG story or IG feed are available
    • Reactions to posts have been intentionally streamlined 
  • While the channel is meant to be text-forward, users who want to react or post with a GIF, photo or video can easily do so by sharing as an attachment
  • Feeds currently includes posts by people you follow as well as recommended content from new creators that users haven’t discovered yet
    • There is  not currently an option to only see Threads from people you follow
  • At this time, there isn’t a paid verification functionality, though Instagram’s blue checks will carry over to Threads accounts

Code3's POV on the New Platform

Threads is appealing to users with interests in all industries. Creators from IG such as Vogue Editor, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and Digital Creator, Shabaz Says (1.4M IG followers) and more have shown early adoption and are starting to share content on the platform. Within the first hours of launch, both macro and micro creators posted to their IG stories linking to Threads to share their excitement for the platform’s launch with a seamless transition from one platform to the next. 

The app is being launched at an optimal time as advertisers have been questioning rival platform, Twitter’s current stance on brand safety.

Brands such as Fenty Beauty & Wendy’s are already embracing the platform to establish their presence. To remain current and engage with the open conversation format of the platform, brands should consider embracing Threads early on and cultivating an authentic presence. This will enable them to connect with their audience as they transition to the app.

Meta has confirmed that Threads will enforce their Instagram Community guidelines to ensure the safety of their users and same data protection policies.  

Data from one’s Instagram account is used for Threads and can include the following info such as: login information, Instagram account ID, Instagram name and username, and Instagram profile information such as a profile picture, bio and links, Instagram followers, accounts followed on Instagram, & age on Instagram.

{% module_block module "widget_1688745619832" %}{% module_attribute "child_css" is_json="true" %}null{% end_module_attribute %}{% module_attribute "content_area" is_json="true" %}{"text":"Threads is not intended to replace its parent company’s social platform. It’s described as an “opportunity to build something that was open and something that was good for the community that was already using Instagram.""

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