Snapchat is one of the many major platforms we activate upon for our clients. And it’s no surprise why; the app is widely popular with more than 50 million downloads worldwide. Not to mention, its commitment to evolving along with the digital marketing landscape has kept it relevant. At Code3, we stay in constant communication with our platform partners, including those at Snapchat. Here we elaborate on some of the recent headlines about Snap and offer some insight into how we leverage the platform for our clients.

Snapchat Partners with Gannett  

Last month, Snapchat announced its partnership with Gannett, a massive media corporation. At first, this partnership will allow Snap to enhance its map tool. From there, it will make a difference for small businesses by increasing their exposure to the app’s audience. In return, it will deepen Snap’s influence in advertising on top of existing year-over-year growth. We believe this relationship will offer Snap a competitive advantage and serve as a differentiator against other social platforms like Instagram.

Snapchat Acquires FitAnalytics

Another notable headline featuring Snap includes its acquisition of FitAnalytics. This move makes sense given the platform's investment in Augmented Reality (AR). Soon, brands and advertisers will be able to up the ante and allow shoppers to try on clothing within the app. While it hasn’t been fully rolled out, we expect it to create a deeper connection and loyalty among users and improved ROI for advertisers.

Snapchat’s Future Market Trends Depend on Gen Z

Following the news outlined above, Snapchat hasn’t been shy about its focus on younger users. Especially since this demographic uses social media to navigate all aspects of their lives. In fact, the platform recently published a report with Oxford Economics covering how Gen Z will be at the forefront of economic recovery. At Code3, most of our clients target a range of demographics. However, we have seen most ad deliveries go against younger users.

Code3 Client Spotlight 

As mentioned, our clients are very active on Snapchat and have seen great success. After all, about four in 10 Snapchat users discover brands on the platform. So, as a new-to-market brand, our client, Tractor Beverage, needed to stand out among the competition. To do so, the client partnered with us to launch their new brand, drive awareness, and ultimately attract buyers. With this challenge, Snapchat offered the perfect opportunity. Our teams paired a reach-focused media strategy with strong creative. Our approach included iterative storytelling with thumb-stopping assets. This reinforced the brand's core values and drove adoption and loyalty. You can see full results on our website.

Final Thoughts 

Although Snap is nearing its 10th birthday, it's still relevant and useful to brands and advertisers. While trendy new apps gain an initial wave of users, brands, and advertisers, it's important to also focus on and invest in legacy platforms like Snap.

Should you need additional support, or be curious about how Code3 can position your brand for success, please reach out. We’re here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

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