With monumental growth fueling them, Instacart has been committed to adding products and features to its ads business, which the company has said will be one of its fastest-growing units in the near future. Now, just a few months into 2022 they’ve announced a new suite of display advertising products and new CPG Brand Pages. The newest products allow brands to leverage full-funnel marketing capabilities, launching ads to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase. 

Instacart Brand Pages 

Similar to an Amazon Store, the new Instacart Brand Pages are a curated, shoppable page where consumers can explore a brand’s entire catalog from their favorite local retailers. Consumers can purchase items directly from the Brand Page, which shows products in stock from their last-shopped retailer.  Currently only available for select advertisers, Brand Pages will be available to all brands soon in Instacart Ads Manager. 

They’re free to create and offer brands the flexibility to customize the layouts with imagery and text, create product collections and incorporate seasonal storytelling. Advertisers can utilize their new Brand Page to drive consumers both on and off Instacart to the page with unique URLs.

New Suite of Instacart Display Ads 

A new suite of display ads was launched to complement Brand Pages, available now to all and found in Instacart’s self-service portal, Ads Manager. It includes auction-based ads that appear throughout the shopping journey on Instacart. They can be placed across discovery surfaces such as keyword search, storefronts, departments, and aisles, and brands can use them to promote targeted, creative content to shoppers. 

Brands can also use newly released customized targeting based on anonymized purchase behavior or specific keywords to reach new audiences and other marketing activities. Other new features and tools now available in Ads Manager include daily budgeting capabilities, product content control via Library Manager, and on-demand business data via Customer Insights

What does this Mean for Brands? 

With so many new features recently launched, now is a great time to look critically and strategically at your Instacart business. And, if you haven’t been advertising on Instacart yet, it’s time to start.  

Brands should be taking the time to analyze what gaps they’d like to fill within their Instacart advertising. With the wide variety of new capabilities, there is now likely a solution to enable. For example, if your brand is hoping to reach more new customers, you can use the new display banners and customized targeting. 

With the new suite of Instacart advertising tools, it may be harder than ever for a brand to determine what works for them and what doesn’t. If you could use a strategic partner who is familiar with the ins and outs to help you, contact us today.  

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