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How to Leverage the Instacart Customer Insights Portal

January 27, 2022
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It’s no secret consumers and grocery and CPG brands are leveraging Instacart more than ever. The platform continues to experience monumental growth and accounts for 1 in 5 US grocery e-commerce sales, according to eMarketer.  As Instacart is growing, it’s also working to give brands more data and insights into performance. 

One new Instacart reporting feature is a self-service portal called Instacart Customer Insights Portal. Located within Ads Manager, it provides direct, fast access to a brand’s sales data across over 600 retailers and 55,000 stores. Brands can access total sales, not just ad attributed sales, and analyze YoY numbers for both categories and subcategories. 

Launched in September and currently in beta, the Customer Insights Portal gives brands a chance to learn how their brand loyal consumers shop online. Data includes Total Sales, Market Share, Total Units Sold, and YoY metrics for Sales and Units. Additional reporting, including data for the buy it again and search function, will be available at a later date. 

Available filters include brand, region, category, super-category, subcategory, department, and channel. Data is updated daily and brands can access their data at any time on their own. Additionally, saved reports refresh data automatically, so reporting can be quick and easily repeatable. 

How to Strategically Use Instacart Customer Insights Data 

Once you’ve drilled down to get the numbers and data you’re looking for, now what? It’s time to use the data to influence your overall Instacart strategy. There are several important metrics from Customer Insights our search strategists leverage for planning. 

Market Share is a metric best used when planning and optimizing display campaigns or hero and storefront banners. Market Share can be viewed week by week or month by month. After running a banner or display campaign, the data can help determine if the campaigns were efficient in increasing Market Share and Brand Awareness.  

Total Sales is a metric many brands pay close attention to. With the Customer Insights Portal, brands are able to compare the total sales to ad attributed sales, which can help confirm ads are improving overall sales. Additionally, our search strategists look closely at YoY sales change by month, to see how sales were influenced from before advertising to after. The month-to-month sales change is also helpful to analyze when launching new campaigns or making large bid optimizations.  

The amount of data can be overwhelming. Not sure how to strategically leverage the metrics at your fingertips to your advantage? Our search strategists are ready to help! Contact us today

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