At Code3, we believe that a strong employee culture is the backbone of our success. In a predominantly virtual workspace with Coders located across the country, we’ve cultivated various ways to keep our team connected, engaged, and thriving. Let’s dive into how we build relationships from afar and create a sense of community within Code3.

Slack: Our Virtual Watercooler

In our mostly virtual environment, staying connected is crucial. Without the traditional office watercooler chats, we’ve turned to Slack as our digital gathering spot. Coders share answers to weekly questions courtesy of our Coffee Buddies channel. It sparks conversation with a fun question and is a great way to start debates and get to know each other better. Whether it’s about favorite books, dream vacations, or quirky personal anecdotes, these discussions help us bond beyond work topics.

Parents and caregivers at Code3 have their own space to share photos, seek advice, and celebrate milestones on the Kids channel. From adorable baby pictures to useful parenting tips, the channel ensures that even remote employees can participate in family-centric celebrations. Additionally, the Moms group allows for a community of motherhood - with the group sharing advice, funny stories and more.

Don’t worry: our furry family members get their spotlight too! The Pups & Cats channel is filled with adorable pet photos and stories, making sure our pets are part of our daily interactions.

If you haven’t noticed, we have a Slack channel for almost everything – from music and gardening to cooking, wellness, and sports. These channels allow Coders to connect over shared interests, fostering friendships and camaraderie.

Crowd: Our Event Committee

The Code3 Crowd committee is the heartbeat of our social activities. They organize monthly events that are accessible to everyone, whether they’re at our Cleveland office, a WeWork hub, or joining virtually. We’ve hosted trivia games over Slack, virtual Drag Queen bingo, yoga sessions, and even an annual Oscar pool. These events are designed to be inclusive and fun, ensuring everyone feels part of the community.

This doesn’t just happen on its own: we encourage Coders to join the Crowd committee and contribute their ideas. By involving our team in the planning process, we ensure that the events are meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.

Crowd collaborates closely with our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) panel and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to organize events like Pride celebrations. This partnership helps us create a diverse and inclusive environment for all.

Connect: Our Annual Off-Site Event

Connect is our flagship annual event designed to bring everyone together and, as the name suggests, connect! It’s been a long standing Code3 tradition, and has evolved over the years. During the height of COVID-19, we adapted Connect to a virtual format, bringing together as many people as possible in person in Cleveland, LA, and NY, while offering an engaging and safe virtual experience for others.

Last year, we gathered in Cleveland for a memorable event. From an evening at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to attending a Cleveland Guardians game, Connect is filled with activities that promote team bonding. We also had inspiring speakers like Cleveland’s Mayor Justin Bibb and engaged in community service by assembling care packages for local foster children.

While a mostly virtual company allows us to have some of the best talent there is, meeting coworkers in person and building relationships is essential to our culture. Connect provides an opportunity to strengthen these bonds and create lasting memories. We plan to expand this event in the future, taking our team to new locations for more team-building experiences.

In-Office Meetings: Chances to Reconnect

While virtual work is the norm, we also value face-to-face interactions. Our Cleveland office hosts periodic in-office client, team, or leadership meetings. We love seeing new faces in the office and often provide breakfast and lunch during these meetings. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect outside of our annual Connect event.

Inviting clients to our Cleveland office allows them to see our workspace and get to know us better. It’s like having friends over for dinner – they get to see where we work and feel more connected to our team. And we deliver on the fun: our office is equipped with plenty of workspaces, conference rooms, and recreational activities like ping pong, pool, and arcade games. The kitchen is stocked with food, drinks, fancy coffee, and even bubbly water.

Additionally, our office is dog-friendly, allowing employees to bring their pups to work. This policy helps employees who might hesitate to leave their pets alone all day and adds to the overall friendly atmosphere.

The Weekly Code: Keeping Everyone Informed

The Weekly Code is our internal newsletter that keeps us all connected and informed. We share updates about new client wins, industry news, and team activities. This includes celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, exciting new hires, and bittersweet farewells.

Our This Week @ Code3 section highlights what’s been happening in the lives of our Coders, whether they’re celebrating with their kids, traveling for client meetings, or just having fun. We always want to know what cool things our team is up to!

All Hands Meetings: Company-Wide Updates

Our monthly All Hands Meetings are a vital part of our communication strategy. These meetings provide an opportunity for the entire company to share updates and stay informed about what’s happening in different areas. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page and foster a sense of unity.

At Code3, our culture is built on connection, engagement, and a sense of community. Whether through virtual channels, in-person events, or regular updates, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels included and valued. Our approach not only enhances our employee experience but also drives our success as a leading digital marketing agency.

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