Every year, AdWeek selects an Agency of the Year based on talent, creativity, and ingenuity. 

While we have plenty of love for all the other agencies out there (and AdWeek's selection process, in theory) we here at Code3 already know that we deserve to win. 

Check out the 11 reasons why Code3 should be AdWeek's Agency of the Year in 2022. Then place your vote! 

Code3's 11 Reasons to Win

You'll see that these reasons were carefully thought over, and put through a rigorous vetting process before being added to this list. 

We Won Engage! Cleveland's Company of the Year

We like, REALLY won. Cleveland rocks, and so do we. No shade to our New York and LA offices. 

We're Amazing 

We won Engage! Cleveland but our New York and LA hubs are just as awesome. Three cities, one company, and everyone loves where they work. 

We Have the Cutest Office Dogs

THE. CUTEST. If you'd like to challenge this claim, please send us your office dog photos so we can share them on our Instagram. Cats, hamsters, rabbits, and reptiles are also accepted. Don't forget to include your handle so we can tag you!

We Won Gold at the Stevie Awards for Best Use of Social 

Oh, what's that? Another award? Don't mind if we do. Don't worry, we're leaving space on our trophy shelf for our AdWeek Agency of the Year Award.

Free Snacks in the Office

If you can think of a snack, we probably have it at one of our Code3 offices. Seriously, everybody loves snacks. 

Quarterly Mental Health Days

Let's get serious for a minute. Code3 has company-wide shutdowns each quarter so that everyone in the company can recharge, rest, and focus on their mental health. Code3 believes that healthy employees get the best results. It's a part of our people-focused mission, and we live by it. 

Our dedication to mental health isn't just for our employees. Days after Russia began occupying Ukraine, we partnered with the International Medical Corps. We created assets reaching over 19 million people to provide guidance and real-time mental health support to those affected by the crisis. 

Company Closure Between Christmas and New Years

So that everyone can travel to one of our *iconic* office locations in New York, Los Angeles, or Cleveland. There is sightseeing to be had, friends. 

Free HarvestOwl Lunches in the Office 

That's right, we're out here giving people lunch AND snacks.

Opportunity for WFH or Remote from Anywhere

Back to our people-focused mentality - we're about getting things done and making sure our people have the best tools to do their best work. Our teams get results, and we support them, no matter their work location. 

Team Bonding Outings

Team bonding outings in three major US cities?? Sign us up. 

Transparent and Involved Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion empower us. Our goal, in addition to crushing it and winning awards, is to build a truly game-changing agency experience for our clients, our team, and all the people who see our work. 

We Do Awesome Work With The Best Brands

We work with brands of all sizes, including global giants like Chipotle and ABI, and launch new brands like SailGP, Tractor Beverage, and more. Just this year, we helped Chipotle launch new menu items, increase digital business, and dive into awesome new opportunities in the metaverse. 
Our teams help brands like Rodan + Fields, Rent the Runway, Chipotle, Just Right, and Arcade1Up. We love showing up for clients to get results, and our creative, commerce, and media teams are unmatched. 
What do you think? Does Code3 deserve to win? Remember to vote here and post about us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok using the hashtag #Code3forAOTY.

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