Recently when creating a series of product variations, I ran into a string of issues in which titles didn't display as I intended.

After a few moments of frustration, I quickly learned this is because Amazon has two types of variation display models: DCM and DPM.

Display Parent Model (DPM) means that the title displayed will be that of the parent variation, regardless of which variation is chosen.

Display Child Model (DCM), conversely, displays the product title using the text from the child within the variation. Under this setting, product titles change as the user scrolls over or clicks on variations.

Also of note, we've noticed the default for this setting varies depending upon product category (most noticeably, the Fashion category automatically populates using DPM.)

At MPS, we’re in the process of A/B testing these models to see which is typically more effective, but it is a company-wide hypothesis to this point that DCM will come out on top overall.

Testing these two models may seem like splitting hairs, but with Amazon growing more competitive and crowded by the day, MPS crafts our approach to the channel with a level of strategic specificity that considers and tests every possible variable that could have a potential effect on sales for a product or brand.

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