Prime Day 2024 dates are officially here: Amazon officially announced the tentpole shopping event will occur on July 16th and 17th.

It’s (almost!) hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the first Amazon Prime Day. It’s inspired many copycats from competitors and even its own seasonal reinvention with Prime Early Access, debuting in 2022. The summertime tentpole shopping event has gone through many iterations, and this year is sure to be no different.

Most brands have been preparing for months, but if you’re finding yourself behind, it’s time to take action. Prime Day is always a crowded space with lots of competition, and while it may be too late to make big changes for your brand to stand out, there are small actions to implement now. Here are some tips our Code3 Commerce Strategists have recommended:

  • Choose your promoted items carefully. Though most deal deadlines have passed, there is opportunity to submit coupons until 24 hours before the event. By leaning into your highest-rated and most-visited products, your promotions are more likely to be seen during the event. It’s also critical to be cognizant of inventory levels of products being advertised, ensuring tailwind momentum can be maintained and leveraged post-Prime Day.
  • The lead-in time frame (roughly two weeks before the event) is more important than ever. Gain visibility on your products before the event, so your prospective purchasers will be alerted when your product goes on deal. This can be done by creating campaigns through Amazon Search or DSP to gain traction on priority products. The earlier you can launch these campaigns, the better, in order to ensure they have enough ramp up time prior to Prime Day, but they should be launched at minimum two weeks before the event.
  • Protect your Brand. Ensure you have defensive campaigns set up to protect your pages from competitors. Additionally, all your PDPs should be in good shape: retail ready and prepared for conversion.Be aggressive with your bidding strategy. Since traffic will likely be higher on Product placements, there may be slightly less competition on Top of Search placements. Though cost-per-click (CPC) always sees an uptick during Prime Day, this is an opportunity to focus on winning those high-ranking Search Engine Results Page (SERP) placements.
  • Lean into Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Brand Video. These placements are an excellent tool to educate consumers about your brand and products, and are now essential to standing out amongst the crowd with eye catching, thumb stopping creatives. With the newly launched Vertical video ad types - easily converting social assets - there’s more opportunity than ever to showcase your brand’s story.
  • Build a Dedicated Deals Page on your Brand Store. By leveraging an updated, deals-only page on your Brand Store, you can then push external traffic from social media and other channels during the event. Additionally, a dedicated deals page will make it easier for native Amazon shoppers to find your full collection of products on deal.
  • Build Awareness on External and Social Channels. Get your audience ready and excited for the deals to come by making them aware of your upcoming deals on TikTok and other social platforms.

Stay nimble in your strategy, make necessary changes ASAP and stay close to your PDPs on Prime Day itself. A PDP monitoring system in place can help catch listing issues in real time leading up to and day of the event.

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