It’s not uncommon for Pinterest to be overlooked as an effective marketing channel among trendy, up-and-coming, or viral apps. In fact, some brand managers could consider the app, where users ‘pin’ items of interest on virtual bulletin boards, as past its prime compared to hot properties like TikTok and Clubhouse. But this mindset is flawed. Pinterest has evolved from its early days as a simple social sharing site into a powerful driver of buyer behavior as well as a lucrative advertising platform. Explore the features that set Pinterest apart from other social networks and learn why it deserves a spot in your marketing strategy. 

The Pinterest difference

Online shopping brought an unprecedented level of convenience to the retail experience. And as platforms like Instagram have introduced click-to-buy features that let shoppers snag products as they scroll, these capabilities have drained much of the magic we associate with the IRL shopping experience. For example, the joy of checking for new items at a favorite boutique and the excitement of the hunt for the perfect gift for a beloved family member. 

Pinterest infuses that missing sense of adventure and fun into the native shopping experience it provides its users. Visual search capabilities provide a browsing experience unlike any other you'll find online, with advertising that blends seamlessly with the user's other pins to avoid disrupting the flow. The distinctive Pinterest UX both attracts shoppers and gives advertisers the opportunity to build strong relationships with consumers and prospects. On Pinterest, retailers can connect with their audiences at the point of inspiration and travel with them from plan to purchase. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, it’s not just a place to transact—it’s a place for SHOPPING with new ways for brands to connect across the full purchase journey and measure impact.

Pinterest marketing by the numbers

The power of Pinterest advertising to propel purchases goes beyond its one-of-a-kind UX. According to platform representatives, users are 300% more likely to click through to your brand website on Pinterest than on any other social media site. 

Part of that exceptional success rate comes from the high purchase intent displayed by the Pinterest user base. Usually, Instagram and TikTok fans scroll their feeds to find entertainment and connect with friends, not because they're planning to make a purchase. In contrast, at least 90% of Pinterest users browse the platform with purchase intent, whether they're seeking inspiration or ready to make the leap.

Because pins consist solely of an eye-catching image and a bit of caption text, they are inherently shareable. At Code3, we find our Pinterest marketing clients glean two site visits and six page views from an average promotional pin. 

Pinterest reports a 300% sales lift and 300% conversion lift for Pinterest campaigns that include Shopping ads compared to campaigns that don't take advantage of this feature. We've found clients who take advantage of the Shopping feature to successfully achieve their campaign objectives.

How the most successful brands leverage the power of Pinterest

At Code3, we've recognized the importance of including Pinterest advertising in our media strategies as the platform's Shopping features have become more prevalent. If you're interested in delving into the power of Pinterest to revitalize your e-tail efforts, we recommend you set up e-commerce, test it out, and see how it performs. Some of our most successful clients have leaned into Pinterest Shopping and achieved impressive results, including high-end beauty, skincare, gift and flower delivery, athleisure, and fashion brands. 

If you haven’t yet tapped into the power that is Pinterest shopping, prepare for this initiative by creating shoppable content. You can start by creating a catalog, which is a product feed that lists all of your products and corresponding attributes. Integrations like Shopify can help streamline this process.

Partnering with Pinterest and Code3

As an official Pinterest partner, Code3 has worked closely with the platform to ensure our teams are privy to the latest updates and best practices. This relationship facilitates close collaboration with our clients and allows us to offer best-in-class strategic support, especially as it applies to Pinterest. Code3 has worked with more than 76 brands over the course of the last two years in the restaurant, retail, health and beauty, and consumer product goods verticals. During the past year, Code3 has driven 3.2B impressions for our clients, driving a strong return on their investment.

The holidays are fast approaching. Campaigns that include holiday messaging should begin as early as the end of September, especially if you plan to incorporate Pinterest Shopping into your campaign. Reach out to consult with us about how your brand can add Pinterest to its strategy and explore your potential results. You can also sign up to receive a recording of our recent webinar with Pinterest.

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