The digital landscape never stops evolving, and it’s safe to say the age of automation and AI is officially here. Google Search is leaning into machine learning more than ever, and search marketers now have seemingly unlimited resources to elevate their campaigns. One recent update our team is excited about: Automatically Created Assets (ACAs) for search and performance max campaigns.

This feature uses machine learning and AI to create and improve campaign content and optimize performance. It’s a powerful tool that can enhance campaigns and allow marketers to spend more time on strategic planning and analysis. While not all automated features are a perfect fit for each brand, there are more and more opportunities to test the technologies available every day, and ACAs are a great place to begin. Here’s what else you need to know:

Embracing Automation

Automation continues to be the driving force behind driving efficiency in digital marketing. With automatically created assets in Google Search and Performance Max, marketers can use the power of automation to streamline workflow and maximize impact. By allowing Google to automate the creative process marketers can focus on strategic planning and analysis to help drive better results.

So, what exactly is an automatically created asset in Google? Automatically created assets can be enabled at the campaign level. This feature gives Google the ability to create text and images from a landing page to show in ads, if it is predicted to improve performance.

Dynamic Ad Creation

When automatically created assets are enabled in a search campaign, Google may generate dynamic headlines and descriptions to match highly relevant content from the landing page. In addition, Google may generate creative assets and Final URL expansion for a Performance Max campaign using this feature. Having Google generate these assets helps create tailored ads to the individual user based on their search queries and intent. This level of personalization ensures the ads resonate with the audience, often driving higher engagement and conversions.

Using automated creative assets in search and performance max will also unlock new levels of creativity within your ads. By unlocking this feature, Google can generate stronger performing ads by combining advertiser-generated and AI-generated headlines, descriptions, and creative assets. Early adopters of this feature, on average, have seen a 2% increase in conversions at a similar CPA.

When using automatically created assets in Google, it is important to keep in mind these best practices:

  • Ensure website content is accurate and up to date
  • Keep providing advertiser-generated headlines and description
  • Add content if brand gaps are noticed

Lastly, automatically created assets can replace your final URL for Performance Max campaigns. The idea behind this setting is to match the search user with the most relevant landing page. If you think URL expansion would be beneficial to campaign performance but are concerned about certain web pages showing like blogs or career pages, various URL exclusions or rules can be incorporated to ensure traffic is being directed to relevant pages on your website.

Should Your Brand Run Automatically Created Assets?

Many brands could greatly benefit from running automatically created assets within their campaigns. While this is a great feature to enable within your campaign, there are a few things to consider..

If your brand requires strict ad copy or branding guidelines, it is best to keep this feature disabled. This is due to Google creating headlines or descriptions that may not align with strict copy guidelines or brand messaging.

Even when this feature is enabled we recommend reviewing ads periodically to ensure the automatically created content is meeting all branding guidelines. Within the Google UI all automatically created assets will be tagged as automatically created under source within an ads detailed view.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the age of automation, staying ahead of the curve and adopting new ideas is essential for success. In Google, marketers can enhance their strategy by embracing automation and leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning and AI.

Google Search and Performance Max campaigns are an easy way to tip your toe into automation, and offer marketers powerful tools for creating automated assets alongside advertiser-generated creative to maximize performance. By embracing automation, marketers can unlock new levels of creativity and personalize their ads. ensuring campaigns stay relevant and effective in this ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

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