• An updated display of filter options has appeared on some SERPs
  • Filter options now include new attributes and a refreshed look
  • Updates are reinforcing the need to include complete and accurate backend product attributes 

In 2021, Amazon placed more importance than ever on backend product attributes. From implementing mandatory attributes to introducing a variety of new fields, the platform’s priority of delivering more product information is clear. So it’s no surprise within the first few weeks of 2022, Amazon appears to be doing some testing on the SERP. 

A refreshed look and feel appeared briefly in early January and has since reverted. In part, an updated display of filter options has appeared on some SERPs. These filters use many backend attributes like color, shipping, product materials, and features, and appear on the lefthand side of the SERP. Shoppers are now able to filter their results with even more specific product details than before making it easier to find exactly what’s on their shopping list. This updated feature first appeared in early January, and so far, seems to be here to stay, reinforcing the need to include complete and accurate backend attributes.

As a result of Amazon’s recent testing, our technical strategists have seen an increased breadth of attribute options in the backend of Vendor and Seller Central.  Below you can see the filters that were previously available for an “earbuds” search on Amazon:

When compared to the current, updated filters available for the same search, there’s a clear difference. Some of the updated filters include: headphones theme, control type, control method, included components, and material. Additionally, the buttons themselves have an updated look and feel. 

What Does it Mean for Your Brand? 

It’s time to check out the attributes available to your products and category in the backend. A great place to start is the Listing Quality Dashboard, which can offer recommendations on important product attributes missing from an ASIN. 

It’s crucial to have backend product attributes properly built out per ASIN, so they can appear in SERP results when shoppers are using filters. Even if your product has the features a shopper is filtering for, if the backend isn’t completed, you run the risk of your ASIN not appearing. 

Another important reason to have complete backend attributes is so consumers can have the most up-to-date, technical information about your products. If a shopper isn’t using the filter option and still lands on your PDP, telling an accurate story is crucial to influence a purchase. Backend product attributes also feed into the Product Overview Experience on the PDP. These important features appear on the PDP in a prominent spot, below the title and variation info and above the bullets. The more complete your PDPs are, the more likely consumers are to subsequently make a purchase. 

Thus far, there have been no notifications from Amazon when new attribute offerings appear, so it’s important to always be on the lookout. Historically, Amazon will provide news clips and updates for important attribute updates, such as mandatory ones. They typically don’t alert sellers to every new attribute that is added across each category. Our technical strategists recommend a quick check of the backend attributes every week or so, to ensure nothing new has come up or older attributes haven’t reverted for any reason. 

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