Do you need a digital marketing agency? While your company may be able to handle basic marketing needs in-house, digital marketing agencies can do those things better - and they can make your marketing efforts more effective. 

Digital marketing agencies have the experience and the tools to be more successful than in-house departments. A digital marketing agency will optimize your spend and achieve better RoAS and ROI.  

The best part about working with a digital marketing agency like Code3 is that you can trust us to get the job done and protect your brand. Read more to find out why you need a digital marketing agency and what one can do for your brand. 

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are just a few of the things a digital marketing agency can do: 

  • Optimize ad spend 
  • Create ad campaigns 
  • Develop creative assets
  • Handle paid social, email marketing, SEO, and your website 
  • Work with media outlets, influencers, and marketing partners 
  • Manage analytics, including set up and ongoing reporting

These are some of the capabilities we have here at Code3. Here's why they matter: 


You might be thinking that you can do these things yourself. You can, in theory. But imagine how much time you’d spend on marketing instead of running your business. A digital marketing agency is filled with experts on all of the above. They’re the most likely to get results and can help your brand meet its potential. Plus, you’ll have access to the entire agency’s experts on everything you need to know or do about marketing. 


A lot of brands think that keeping marketing in-house will save them money, but that’s not the case. Knowing how to execute marketing is one thing, but being able to do it effectively is another. In fact, investing in a digital marketing agency offers the best return on your investment. Anything less can result in lower ROI and higher spend. 

Businesses depend on marketing to grow, and you need effective (and cost-effective) marketing to do that. Your marketing efforts won’t offer the ROI you need to thrive if they’re not optimized to meet your goals. A marketing agency is worth the investment to make sure your business succeeds. 

They Know the Industry 

Agencies know their subject matter, and they also know the industry. A digital marketing agency is up to date on technology, trends, and what all the other brands in your space are doing. They live and breathe industry news, and are constantly adapting to help their clients be competitive.

You Can Pick Your Services

Brands come in all shapes and sizes, and most digital marketing agencies can accommodate whatever you need. You know your business and your goals best, and a digital marketing agency can help you narrow down those goals to be specific and measurable. You might need help with social media ads, or need someone to manage your analytics. Agencies can help you do everything or just one thing at a time. They’re skilled at customizing their offers to your needs and making sure you reach your goals. 

Code3 is a full-service agency that offers service in numerous facets of marketing. You can read about some of our analytics offerings here, or learn about the work our Creative team does with global giants like Chipotle and Lysol. Or, check out how our Commerce team leveraged Prime Day to increase revenue for our clients. 

You should be able to see how marketing impacts your brand. A digital marketing agency is the best choice to help you make the most of your brand- and your budget. Contact us now to find out how we can help. 

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