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Google Turns Up Their Audio Advertising Opportunities
08.21.20 | Lizzy Glazer, GM, CodeAudio + Sean Nowlin, Director of Programmatic

Google recently announced new audio capabilities that provide marketers more options for ad placements to reach a growing audience for audio streaming content. Within DV360 and Ads Manager, the new “Audio” tab allows buyers/advertisers to access many new major audio inventory sources - from the big players like Spotify, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud and more.

In addition to audio inventory across hundreds of sources, Google has also announced new creative and measurement tools within the platform.

Audio Ad Inventory (Music, Internet Radio, and Podcast):

  • Hundreds of new non-guaranteed audio ad inventory sources - from a wide range of global publishers and platforms
  • Guaranteed audio inventory from music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora and more
  • Online radio streaming and Podcast inventory - from publisher aggregators and specific publishers such as Bloomberg

Creative Tools: Audio Mixer

  • Quickly create audio spots for programmatic campaigns. Perfect for that last minute incremental opportunities
  • Assign companion banners and deploy to campaigns
  • Leverage up to 5 tracks for voice, music, and sound effects
  • Great for brands/agencies without access to audio production capabilities

Measurement: Brand Lift Study

  • Google is bringing Brand Lift Study capabilities to DV360
  • Understand how your audio campaign is impacting brand favorability
  • Uncover metrics including ad recall, awareness, consideration, favorability, & purchase intent
  • Apply cross-channel measurement across audio, video, & YouTube campaigns

These new features mean more options to test programmatic audio inventory at scale within your current DV360 campaigns, opportunities to quickly build and test new audio creatives easily using the new Mixer tool, and a turnkey way to measure the impact of audio on brand lift metrics.

The New Dv360 Audio Capabilities Are Just One Piece Of A Broad Audio Advertising Landscape
However, these new Audio capabilities within DV360 can’t replace your entire audio strategy or media plans - since some premium inventory and host-read ad formats (most popular among the Podcast ad ecosystem) are not currently available. Spotify, for example, has only released their Spotify Music inventory on DV360, meaning no inventory yet has been released for programmatic buying within Spotify Podcasts, which are still sold directly via Spotify’s Podcast sales team. So, for now, Podcasts like The Michelle Obama Podcast and many many more, will only be available directly through Spotify.

To summarize, this is a great step for the programmatic industry to expand into audio and make it easy for marketers to scale audio ad testing. It’s important to remember, though, that audio and podcast advertising is growing at an incredible rate and capabilities will continue to evolve. Google’s solution is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all strategy, but a compelling tool for marketers to leverage as they look to scale their audio presence.

For more information on our programmatic and/or Audio capabilities, please email or

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