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Vaccine Acceptance Learnings from Direct Relief

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Study 1 - Lift in Recall

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Study 2 - Lift in Recall

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Study 3 - Lift in Recall


Code3 partnered with Direct Relief and Facebook’s Insights for Impact team to develop paid social creative. The goal was to increase COVID-19 vaccine acceptance in the United States. A brand lift study was applied to measure the effectiveness of three different types of messages. Each message was paired with a consistent call-to-action encouraging users to ask their doctor about the vaccine. The campaign reached just over 2 million people. As many as 79.6K people were helped (lifted) by this campaign. More than 62K people clicked on campaign ads to the Ad Council’s resource page.


STUDY #1: Responsibility to Protect Others The first set of messaging emphasized the importance of protecting your family and community. It was most effective in improving the likelihood of people asking their doctors about the COVID-19 vaccine. This messaging theme also had the highest click-through rate. STUDY #2: Social Norming For the second set of messaging, we used visuals including data visualization to show acceptance rates of the vaccine. This approach was most successful overall. We saw an especially high lift for the question 'When you think of the people whose opinion you value most, how much would they approve of people getting a COVID-19 vaccine?'. STUDY #3: Purity Value/Myth-Busting This facts-based messaging worked best for promoting that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and important for preventing the spread.

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